Shared Weight: Positional Calling Discussion List

This list is for anyone interested in exploring positional calling within traditional dance (contra, squares, ECD, community, family dance, Irish ceili, Scottish ceilidh, etc). 

Our goal is to support each other by discussing topics of interest to callers specifically in relation to positional calling. We encourage callers to also join some of the other Shared Weight lists as those communities are valuable resources for other aspects of calling.

Dance Technique Notes

This website contains an extensive list of topics for dancers of various levels. This includes everything from awareness and consideration as a dancer to how to enjoy dancing more. Useful both for teachers of dance and dancers.

From Colin Hume

10 Tips for Contra Dancing With Kids

Miriam reflects on how dancers can be more supportive of children and youth within the contra dance context. Some helpful considerations for dancing with children. While the context of the article is contra dancing, the ideas also apply to many other forms of dance.

From Miriam Axel-Lute