Women/Black/Indigenous/POC/LGBTQIA+/People with Disabilities Music Instructor Nominee Directory

This spreadsheet shows a list of recommended music teachers from marginalized communities. The list is the result of a survey form created in 2019 by A’yen Tran with the intention of making it publicly available, particularly to music camp directors. The goal is to increase representation for women, people of color, people with disabilities, and gender-diverse people in music camps and other musical learning opportunities.

Let’s Talk About Reentry, Part 7: Singing Together Safely

May 3, 2022

An online discussion to support organizers of song groups

Two organizers offered firsthand experiences about keeping their song groups alive and well through the pandemic by hosting in-person and online singing events. Our third guest provided the latest COVID-19 news from her public health perspective, with suggestions especially pertinent for song group organizers. Q&A with all three guests included:

  • Janice Hanson from Golden Link Folk Singing Society in Rochester, NY
  • Steve Deering from Vancouver Folk Song Society in Vancouver, BC
  • Dr. Kimbi Hagen, public health professor from Atlanta, GA

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Singalong and Song Circle Locator

Rise Up and Sing provides a list of regular song swap/singalong groups that are open to the general public, organized by geographical location.

From Annie Patterson and Peter Blood

Sacred Harp Singing Discussion Lists

Two Sacred Harp singing email lists. One focuses on events and individuals while the other focuses on the historical and technical aspects of shape note singing.

From Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association 

Shared Weight: Song Organizers Discussion List

This mailing list (email group) welcomes anyone interested in organizing song events. List members ask/answer questions, discuss issues that come up for them, and share helpful resources. There are both new and experienced organizers from throughout North America and beyond. Join the discussion!