Weathering the Winter Together

November 1, 2021

We used this Web Chat to generate lots of ideas for keeping communities safe and engaged during another pandemic winter. Small groups brainstormed further ideas in breakout rooms. Also, public health professor Dr. Kimbi Hagen shared news and perspectives about how the pandemic is progressing.

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CDSS offers liability insurance to individual CDSS Members who are callers in the US. (Looking for group liability insurance instead? Click here.)

What It Covers

  • Liability insurance covers you, the caller, if you were to be sued for any acts (or omission of acts) that result in bodily injury or property damage while you are calling dances or related activities (including workshops and classes).
  • This is a general liability policy. It is not accident insurance.
  • This policy provides liability coverage up to $1,000,000 per occurrence, with a total limit of $3,000,000 per caller, per event.

What It Doesn’t Cover

  • This policy does not cover dancers, musicians, or any equipment.
  • This policy does not cover groups. (Check out our group liability insurance option if you are a CDSS Affiliate looking for group coverage.)

How It Works

  • Insurance coverage is May 1 through April 30 of the following year.
  • The cost is $75. “Additional insureds” do not cost extra.
  • Applications are accepted any time, but rates are not prorated (the cost is the same throughout the year, and all coverage ends on April 30).
  • Please allow two weeks for processing. If you need a certificate more quickly, this is usually possible; just email us.
  • Coverage is available to CDSS Members only. (Join here!)

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The portal contains a vast range of resources by and for the dance, music, and song community. From expert tips from fellow organizers and callers, to databases of dances and songs, find what you need to help engage with the traditions you love!

Resources added before 2022 do not all have explicit permission from the authors. If your resource is in the portal and you’d like it removed, please email us.

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Example Codes of Conduct

Here are some of our favorite codes of conduct from other dance and music organizations to use as inspiration for your own!

Chicagoland English Country Dance
Chicago, IL; English country dance

Olympia Contra Dance
Olympia, WA; contra dance
(links in the “Community” paragraph under “The Details”)

DanceFlurry Organization
Albany/Saratoga Springs, NY (and surrounding areas); several types of monthly dance series and workshops, educational programs in schools and other organizations

Portland Country Dance Community
Portland, OR; contra dance, English country dance, music sessions

Ottawa Contra Dance
Ottawa, ON; contra dance

John C. Campbell Folk School
Brasstown, NC; contra dance, English country dance, community/family dance, many other music and craft workshops

Raise the Rafters
Rhododendron, OR; singing

Have a great policy you’d like to share? Submit it here!

Categories: Community/Family Dance, Contra Dance, Dance Tradition, English Country Dance, Organizers

Topics: Accessibility, Community Safety, Equity, Starting Up

Women/Black/Indigenous/POC/LGBTQIA+/People with Disabilities Music Instructor Nominee Directory

This spreadsheet shows a list of recommended music teachers from marginalized communities. The list is the result of a survey form created in 2019 by A’yen Tran with the intention of making it publicly available, particularly to music camp directors. The goal is to increase representation for women, people of color, people with disabilities, and gender-diverse people in music camps and other musical learning opportunities.

Categories: Experienced Participants, Musicians, Novices, Organizers, Singers

Topics: Accessibility, Equity

Contra Dance Map

A Google map with many local dances in the US and Canada. Also searchable by zip code, for special events, and for dances using non-gendered calling. Created by Jeff Kaufman.

Categories: Callers, Contra Dance, Dancers, Musicians

Squares from Northern Junket

Colin Hume presents descriptions and commentary on all of the 200+ square dances in Northern Junket, a magazine published by Ralph Page from 1949 to 1985.

Categories: Callers, Square Dance

Topics: Choreography, History, Repertoire

Communities in Conflict

May 30, 2023

An online discussion to support organizers of dance, music, and song groups

From disagreements about COVID protocols to strong feelings about role terms on the dance floor, dance leaders and organizers have been in the middle of passionate community discussions the past few years. As an organizer, what approaches and techniques can you use to help your group through these rough patches? And what can you do to keep your own balance along the way?

CDSS Executive Director Katy German joined Jenny Beer, Dana Dwinell-Yardley, Sue Songer, and Kathy Story for a conversation about working through conflict as a community.

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Categories: Organizers, Web Chats

Topics: Equity

Lesson Plans for Educators

The CDSS Educators Task Group presents lesson plans on a variety of topics in traditional music and dance.

Categories: Community/Family Dance, Educators, Resources, Youth

Topics: Equity, History

New England Dancing Masters Teaching Blog

A blog for teachers wanting to teach traditional dance, including videos of dances suitable for classrooms.

Categories: Community/Family Dance, Educators

Recruiting and Keeping Volunteers!

March 7, 2023

An online discussion to support organizers of dance, music, and song groups

In our mostly volunteer-powered community, we’ve long faced challenges when it comes to finding and keeping the people who make our organization’s dance, music, and song activities possible. The COVID pandemic exacerbated those challenges and impacted both our organizations and the environment in which we work.

CDSS Executive Director Katy German hosted this Web Chat to discuss volunteer management and address key volunteer-related questions, such as:

  • Where do we find new volunteers?
  • How do we appreciate the volunteers we have and help them avoid burn-out?
  • How do we create processes for training volunteers and planning for position turn-over?

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Categories: Organizers, Web Chats

Topics: Equity

Building Cultural Equity in Communities

October 25, 2022

An online discussion to support organizers of dance, music, and song groups

This Web Chat provided firsthand experiences from organizers who have used CDSS grants to provide diversity, equity, and inclusion training for their groups. We heard about ways they have been applying what they’ve learned from these valuable workshops, and what’s next for their groups. We also included plenty of time for Q&A. Our special guests were:

  • Cindy Culbert and Rich Dempsey: Country Dancers of Rochester (Rochester, NY)
  • Janet Yeracaris and Vince O’Donnell: New England Folk Festival Association (New England region)
  • Lauren Keeley: DanceFlurry Organization (Albany, NY)

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Categories: Organizers, Web Chats

Topics: Equity

Ideas for Weathering the Winter Together

During the CDSS Web Chat on November 1, 2021, participants brainstormed ideas for keeping their music, dance, and song groups engaged and connected through the coming months. See below for a compilation of their suggestions for organizers to try out with their communities. We’re happy to continue adding to this list, so please send your thoughts to All ideas welcome!

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Categories: Organizers

Topics: Accessibility, Community Safety, Pandemic

Reentry Resources for Organizers

Originally published September 2021.


One key question that keeps cropping up as we prepare for restarting in-person activities is: How will we know when the time is right? All music, dance, and song groups need to chart their own course based on their location, state and local public health guidance, type of event, and community needs. We hope the following set of resources will help organizers navigate the myriad decisions involved with safely resuming in-person events.

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Categories: Organizers, Resources

Topics: Accessibility, Community Safety, Pandemic

CDSS Community Culture & Safety Toolkit

The CDSS Community Culture and Safety Task Group (CCSTG) aims to support local communities in their efforts to provide a safe environment for music, song, and dance events. We are working to provide advice and resources that will help organizers develop the policies, procedures, and supporting documents needed to understand and facilitate safety in their communities.

CDSS is not prescriptive in regard to what your community ‘should be doing.’ We recognize and value the range of living traditions practiced by our communities.

As such, we are working to develop a toolkit of resources.

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Categories: Callers, Educators, Musicians, Organizers

Topics: Community Safety

Sharing the Vision: Themes and Practical Ideas for Vibrant Dance Communities

A pithy article from Max Newman on the importance of a vision, how to create one and how to share it.

From the CDSS News

Categories: Organizers

Topics: Starting Up

Lissa Schneckenburger’s Tune A Week

Sign up to get a free tune delivered to your inbox every week, and join a group practice challenge.

Categories: Musicians, Novices

Topics: Repertoire

Square Dance History with David Millstone

Experience the rich history and regional variety of square dancing in this in-depth, three part video series.

With photographs, audio, and video, we’ll travel:

  • from 17th century France to Civil War ballrooms
  • from New England Grange halls to Texas cowboy balls
  • and from Newfoundland to New Mexico

to explore and discuss how this dance form became a staple of American popular culture.

Categories: Square Dance

Topics: History

Shared Weight: Positional Calling Discussion List

This list is for anyone interested in exploring positional calling within traditional dance (contra, squares, ECD, community, family dance, Irish ceili, Scottish ceilidh, etc). 

Our goal is to support each other by discussing topics of interest to callers specifically in relation to positional calling. We encourage callers to also join some of the other Shared Weight lists as those communities are valuable resources for other aspects of calling.

Categories: Callers, Dance Tradition, Dancers, Organizers

Topics: Discussion, Equity, Non-Gendered

Shared Weight: Growing Up Trad Discussion List

Growing up Trad! is an email discussion list for caregiving adults who love traditional dance, music and song.  The focus of our conversation is around nurturing these traditions within our families and in particular with the children in our care.

Categories: Community/Family Dance, Families

Topics: Discussion

Shared Weight: Dance Organizers Discussion List

This mailing list welcomes organizers and those interested in organizing any form of traditional social dance.  This includes contra, English country, traditional squares (e.g., Appalachian, New England, Quebecois, Cape Breton, etc), community/family/barn, ceili, Balfolk, and more!

Categories: Dance Tradition, Dancers, Organizers

Topics: Discussion

Fostering Intergenerational Community

These notes from a session at Youth Traditional Song Weekend 2015 list ways participants promote age inclusivity in their own communities.

Categories: Organizers

Topics: Equity

New Old Songs: Writing Within the Tradition

Alex Sturbaum shares tips for writing new songs within folk traditions and touches on writing with less-often-mentioned themes in mind.

From the CDSS News

Categories: Singers

Topics: Composing, Equity

Addressing Racism as a Dance Community

In this short overview, the organizers of Portland Intown Contra Dance acknowledge and explain some of the various Black and African influences on American folk dance traditions.

From the Portland Intown Contra Dance

Categories: Organizers

Topics: Equity

Dinah, Put Down Your Horn: Blackface Minstrel Songs Don’t Belong in Music Class

In this article, the author puts forward the need to remove racist songs from school music programs and discusses a number of songs with racist messaging.

From Dr. Katya Ermolaeva

Categories: Educators

Topics: Equity

Anti-Racism and the Folk Revival

This article focuses on racism within our traditions, in particular relating to the work of Cecil Sharp and his contemporaries, and on how our history informs our present and should influence our future. 

From Ezra Fisher

Categories: Contra Dance, Early American Dance, Square Dance

Topics: Equity, History

Dance Weekend 101: Streamlining the organization of weekend dance events

Ever thought of organizing a dance weekend? Come explore the ins and outs of what it takes to streamline a successful event.

From Adam Broome & Jaige Trudel
Puttin’ On The Dance 2015

Categories: Organizers

The Ins and Outs of Cooking for Dancers

An article by Sarah Pilzer with great advice for weekends and camps about cooking for dancers!

From the CDSS News

Categories: Organizers

Putting on “Techno” Contra Dances

This article from Will Loving, with a note from Sue Songer around copyright issues, describes the details of putting on a techno contra including lighting and equipment recommendations.

From the CDSS News

Categories: Contra Dance, Organizers

Topics: Techno

Let’s Talk About Reentry, Part 7: Singing Together Safely

May 3, 2022

An online discussion to support organizers of song groups

Two organizers offered firsthand experiences about keeping their song groups alive and well through the pandemic by hosting in-person and online singing events. Our third guest provided the latest COVID-19 news from her public health perspective, with suggestions especially pertinent for song group organizers. Q&A with all three guests included:

  • Janice Hanson from Golden Link Folk Singing Society in Rochester, NY
  • Steve Deering from Vancouver Folk Song Society in Vancouver, BC
  • Dr. Kimbi Hagen, public health professor from Atlanta, GA

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Categories: Organizers, Singers, Web Chats

Finding a Hall

This resource provides a number of tips and considerations when looking for a new space to hold a dance or music event.


Categories: Organizers

Topics: Starting Up

Sample Budget Sheets

These downloadable Excel sheets are a great start for a sample dance budget and also for reporting income/expenses from a single event.

From Leda Shapiro Southwest Regional Organizers Conference 2014

Categories: Organizers

Topics: Finance

Fundraising Strategies and Tips for Dance Organizations: Broadening our views for supporting dances

Looking to raise funds for your dance? These workshop notes take a broad view on fundraising to support your dance series, support the hall where you dance, run special events or programming, purchase equipment, or support other causes and affiliated organizations. Includes an overview of philanthropy and fundraising strategies at the macro level, and then share how one local organization raised more than $60,000. 

From Rima Dael, Patty Giavara, and Nancy Turner
Puttin’ On The Dance 2015

Categories: Organizers

Topics: Finance

Nontraditional Funding and Focused Mentorship: How We’re Growing a New (Awesome) Contra Dance Community in Portland, ME

This article by Dela Murphy provides some great insight into how one dance community effectively ran a fundraising campaign for their series.

From the CDSS News

Categories: Organizers

Topics: Finance

Downloadable Excel Spreadsheets

Sample spreadsheets to help organizers create a budget for their dance series, weekend, or tour!

From Erik Erhardt, Ron Nieman, and Glenn Manuel, Southwest Regional Organizers Conference 2014

Categories: Organizers

Non-Profit Management: Updating and strengthening our administrative foundation

Non-profit governance and administrative systems require routine updating as organizations evolve. This workshop is designed to help organizers of any committee—old or new—strengthen their administrative platform. Topics include: the pluses and minuses of incorporating and registering as a non-profit; the steps that a group must take to incorporate and/or register as a non-profit; and the roles that bylaws and articles of incorporation play to define the organization’s purpose and how the organization is governed. This workshop will be particularly helpful to groups that are not formalized as incorporated non-profits who are thinking about taking these steps, or for members of formalized committees who want to better understand governance systems. We’ll share some decisions that were addressed at our dances to generate discussion, clarify how CDSS is prepared to assist, and open up the floor to any governance/administrative issues that you might be tackling in your own dance community.

From Catherine Burns, Rima Dael, & Nancy Turner, Puttin’ On The Dance 2015

Categories: Organizers

Creating a Happy, Healthy Volunteer Base: Ways to engage and retain volunteers to sustain our dances

Volunteers are crucial to the healthy sustainability of our dances, as much to build community as to get the job done. These workshop notes talk about the importance of volunteers, different kinds of volunteers, recruitment, engagement and retention. We’ll also work to address some specific volunteer challenges, useful whether you’re a committee of one or part of a large organizing team.

from Tara Bolker & Maxine Louie, Puttin’ On The Dance 2015

Categories: Organizers

Some Ideas on Governance

This article by, Tom Siess, including a follow up by Bruce Hamilton explores the role of a board as well as ideas regarding good governance.

From the CDSS News

Categories: Organizers

How to Structure Your Organization

This two page document provides some basic considerations on how to structure your organization


Categories: Organizers

Topics: Starting Up

Starring Your Recorder

Starring Your Recorder is a free educational video series from GEMS NY. The recorder has been an important instrument worldwide for hundreds of years. It has often been played along with other beautiful instruments that are still played today. With these six videos, students can experience playing easy tunes on recorder accompanied by a Renaissance band.

From Gotham Early Music Scene, Inc.

Categories: Educators, Musicians

Topics: Early Music

Doing Sound

This resource outlines some basic considerations for doing sound at a dance event.


Categories: Audience

Topics: Sound Engineering, Starting Up

All Mixed Up: A Guide to Sound Production for Folk and Dance Music

All Mixed Up is a comprehensive guide to doing sound for both traditional dance and folk music events. Bob’s guide covers a wide range of topics that are useful to both beginner and experienced sound technicians. The printed version of All Mixed Up is available for sale through CDSS’s online store.

From Bob Mills

Categories: Audience

Topics: Sound Engineering

Shared Weight: TradSound

TradSound is a listserv (email group) that exists to share information, experiences, techniques about people using intelligence, acoustics and audio equipment to optimally reinforce voices and instruments at community trad music events including dances, concerts and festivals. Most of our group members are audio techs, though we also welcome interested musicians, singers, callers, organizers, dancers and listeners. TradSound is a great way to talk to those passionate about sound at trad events. Join the discussion! Special Note: As a member of the group, you can also search the extensive list archives.

Categories: Audience

Topics: Discussion, Sound Engineering

BIDA Musician Booking

In this post, Jeff explores some of his thinking behind musician booking for the BIDA dance series. Community discussion follows.

From Jeff Kaufman

Categories: Organizers

Performer Info Sheet

Example of a performer info sheet that can be sent to people hired for a dance to clarify any confusion beforehand!

From Nancy Turner, Queen City Contra, Puttin’ On The Dance, 2011

Categories: Organizers

Hiring Dance Camp Staff—Guidelines For Organizers

An excellent set of guidelines and tips from Lisa Greenleaf on hiring staff for a weekend or week, diving into all aspects of hiring and scheduling.

From the CDSS News

Categories: Organizers

Gigs from Heaven

This article by Carol Ormond gives excellent tips on how organizers can create a great gig experience for a caller. Much of the advice applies to other hired staff as well.

From the CDSS News

Categories: Callers, Musicians, Organizers

Contra Dance Callers Survey

An extensive survey of approximately 400 contra dance callers throughout North America and beyond. Interesting and useful information for organizers and callers alike

From CDSS, 2013

Categories: Callers, Organizers

Hiring Callers and Musicians

This resource outlines some basic considerations and tips for organizers who are hiring callers and bands.


Categories: Organizers

BIDA Family Dance Timing

An example of family dance schedule including a potluck and sound check that works for the long-standing BIDA family dance which occurs before the regular evening dance

From Jeff Kaufman

Categories: Community/Family Dance, Organizers

Dancing in (Children/Young Adult) Literature: A Partial Bibliography

Looking for a children’s book related to traditional dance and music? This bibliography focuses on children’s & young adult books that connect to traditional, participatory, social dance & music. Belfast Flying Shoes funded the compilation with additional support from the Maine Arts Commission.

From Chrissy Fowler

Categories: Families

Belfast Flying Shoes Caller Information Sheet

An example of a sheet given to callers before a dance to prepare them for what is expected of them.

From Chrissy Fowler/Belfast Flying Shoes

Categories: Organizers

Funding for community events, projects, and publications featuring participatory dance, music, or song

Update, June 2024

As of June 27, our 2024 general grant funds have been awarded. We still have funding and are accepting applications for:

  • dance, music, or song research
  • training for English country dance leaders
  • training for English country dance musicians

CDSS grants help

  • create new participatory music, dance, and song events (including series, weekends, and week-long programs)
  • boost existing participatory series or events
  • train callers, musicians, singers, and organizers (including equity and anti-racism training)
  • encourage youth involvement
  • publish instruction materials (print, web, audio, video)
  • conduct and disseminate research on traditional dance, music, and song
  • sponsor attendance at non-CDSS programs for training purposes
  • create related endeavors that will have a lasting effect on dance, music, and song communities

Eligible applicants

  • Individuals and organizations promoting traditional dance, music, and/or song with English and North American roots

  • All are welcome to apply. Preference is given to applicants who have not previously received funding and to CDSS Members and Affiliates.

Funding requests

  • Up to $500 (occasional larger grants for projects with a broad impact)
  • For program-related expenses (callers, musicians, workshop leaders, etc.) rather than operational expenses (publicity, supplies, etc.)

For questions about the suitability of your application, contact

When to apply

  • For events: 1-2 months before starting your publicity
  • For other projects: 1-2 months before funding is needed
  • Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Requirements for recipients

Click here to find out about requirements for grant recipients, including logo usage.

Apply Now

You will be notified when we receive your application. If you have not received notification within a few days, contact

Recent Recipients

  • Circle Up zines

    Circle Up Calling Zine

    Creating a collection of square dances and thoughts toward promoting inclusivity

  • Brattleboro Bal Folk dancers

    Brattleboro Bal Folk

    Guilford, VT
    Hosting a series of bal folk dances with live music

  • Musicians of the Fiddlehead Field Kids Orchestra in Renaissance garb

    Fiddlehead Field Kids Orchestra

    Campton, NH
    Hosting a community Renaissance dance to showcase young musicians and callers

  • Dancers at Housatonic Family Contra Dance

    Housatonic Family Contra Dance

    Housatonic, MA
    Starting a new dance series for all ages

  • Dance caller at John C. Campbell Folk School

    John C. Campbell Folk School

    Brasstown, NC
    Hosting a community dance series using positional calling

  • Musicians from Moab Community Dance Band

    Moab Community Dance Band

    Moab, UT
    Hosting a series of workshops for new callers
    Funded by the Mary Kay Friday Leadership Training Fund

  • Participants creating a triangle-shaped sword lock

    Nobska Lights/S’wap Sword Dance Workshop

    Woods Hole, MA
    Hosting a workshop/figure swap between youth rapper sword teams and adult rapper and longsword teams
    Funded by the May Gadd/Phil Merrill Fund

  • Dance musicians at TADAMS

    Traditional American Dance and Music Society

    Richmond, VA
    Hosting workshops for dance musicians
    Funded by the Chuck Ward Musicians Training Fund

  • Dancers at Squirrel Moon Contra Dance Weekend

    Squirrel Moon Contra Dance Weekend

    Dodgeville, WI
    Continuing a contra dance weekend post-COVID
    Funded by the May Gadd/Phil Merrill Fund

  • Participants singing in a room with a forest view at Raise the Rafters in Oregon

    Raise the Rafters

    Rhododendron, OR
    Creating a youth-oriented traditional singing event in the Pacific Northwest
    Funded by the Mary Kay Friday Leadership Training Fund

  • Musicians playing in a circle at RiverJam Romp

    RiverJam Romp

    Marlboro, VT
    Hosting a weekend of community dances and workshops for musicians

  • Dancers among glowing lights at Yuletide Frolic

    Yuletide Frolick

    Lawrence, KS
    Hosting a festive dance weekend and callers’ workshop

Past Recipients

  • Burlington Family Contra Dance

    Burlington Family Contra Dance

    Burlington, VT
    Creating a community family contra dance for all ages and abilities
    Funded by the May Gadd/Phil Merrill Fund

  • The Marley Project

    The Marley Project

    Archiving the full set of historic Marley family dances, from the Vaudeville era
    Funded by the Anthony Barrand Research & Stewardship Fund

  • Workshop participants working together at table

    Make Every Space Safer in Trad Music Communities

    Nasons, VA
    Creating a set of community agreements that people in our music communities can commit to

  • Participants in the Bloomington Callers Workshop, 2021

    Bloomington Old-Time Music and Dance Group

    Bloomington, IN
    Hosting a workshop for new contra dance callers
    Funded by the Mary Kay Friday Leadership Training Fund

  • Fiddle Orchestra of Western Massachusetts

    Fiddle Orchestra of Western Massachusetts

    Northampton, MA
    Providing online lessons with New England musicians

  • DanceFlurry

    DanceFlurry Organization

    Albany, NY
    Participating in online diversity, equity, and inclusion training

  • Stars in the Rafters

    Stars in the Rafters

    Brattleboro, VT
    Creating a podcast to provide comfort and community connections through traditional music, song, and poetry

  • Workshop participants sit in a circle

    Madison Contra Collective

    Madison, WI
    Hosting an open band workshop for the Madison Contra Collective Band
    Funded by the Mary Kay Friday Leadership Training Fund

CDSS grants are funded by our incredible community of donors.

Let’s Talk About Reentry, Part 5: News from Groups That Have Resumed In-person Events

August 12, 2021

There is strong interest amongst organizers in hearing news from communities that have already resumed in-person events. This Web Chat provided valuable experiences and suggestions from two dance and song organizers ​who are already navigating their reentry, as well as perspectives from a public health professional.

Read More

Let’s Talk About Reentry, Part 4: Addressing Legal and Other Burning Questions

May 19, 2021

For this Web Chat, CDSS hired an attorney to address some of our broader community’s legal questions. Other panelists provided resources and considerations to help organizers chart their group’s course for safely emerging from the pandemic. Ultimately, each group needs to ask their own questions and find answers that are right for their location, type of event, and community. We’re all in this together!

Read More

Let’s Talk About Reentry, Part 3: An MD Discusses Vaccines, and We Discuss Our Sector’s Needs

March 1, 2021

In this third installment of the “Let’s Talk About Reentry” Web Chat series, we featured presentations and discussions about how the pandemic has altered our communities’ needs and how we can best prepare for returning to in-person dancing, singing, and music-making.

Read More

Singing and Playing Music in REAL TIME! An online discussion for organizers of song communities and open bands

January 13, 2021

Members of the Sacred Harp group FaSoLa Philadelphia (PA) and the Phoenix (AZ) Traditional Music & Dance Society joined us for this conversation. During the Web Chat, they shared their successes with using the computer program Jamulus to enable their groups to sing and play music in real time!

Read More

Let’s Talk About Reentry: Working Together Now for a Strong Return to Dancing

October 21, 2020

During this down time, there is work we can be doing to ensure a joyful and fulfilling return to the dance floor. We talked about our evolving expectations for reentry, the changes we need to prepare for, and the important role organizers can play in preparing our communities for a bright future.

Read More