Vocal Range

This blog post looks at what is a comfortable vocal range for singers – helpful to know when leading songs.

From Jeff Kaufman

What is a Memory Prompt?

In this blog post, Amanda writes about how to use a memory prompt as a support when leading a song.

From Amanda Witman

Fostering Intergenerational Community

This document is a product of groups discussions in a workshop attended by members of the YTS community. It focuses on what works, what doesn’t, and how individuals can raise intergenerational issues within their community.

From Youth Traditional Song Weekend 2015

The North American Morris Dance Organization

The North American Morris Dance Organization is an association with representatives from self-governing morris teams and individuals, which aims to: promote and maintain interest in the practice of morris dancing by women and men of all ages; serve as a hub for morris dance activity; support the preservation of North American morris dance history; and be part of the ongoing development and innovation of morris dance in all its forms.