Open Morris

Open Morris is a loose organization of morris teams in England.  Their website has a listing of teams, publications, and useful links.

The Morris Federation

The Morris Federation is an association of self-governing morris teams in England. Their website includes archives, publications, team finder, and more.

The Morris Ring

The Morris Ring is an association of approximately 180 morris, sword, and mummer clubs/teams in England. Their website has a wide range of resources, including publications, information about the various traditions, morris music, and more.

Morris Teams of the World Map

This Google Map lists hundreds of morris teams throughout the world.  It is easy to add/update team information and search by type of side.

From James Merryclough

How to Facilitate an Organizers Discussion

This resource not only provides a number of tips on how to facilitate a discussion but it also includes a how-to on including a session at a pre-existing event or creating your own day-long gathering.

MDDL Morris Dancing Discussion List

The MDDL (“Muddle”) is an unmoderated listserv (email group) devoted to discussions, debates, and rants on all things morris, including: Cotswold, border, garland, Northwest, etc.; sword dancing, both long sword and rapper; mumming, mumming plays and other ritual drama; molly dancing, Abbots Bromley, plough dancing; winter festivals such as wassailing, caroling and Twelfth Night; May Day celebrations, including May poles and other rural festivities; and anything else we can think of that might be even the slightest bit morris related.